President – Mike Glosecki

  • Shall exercise general supervision of the club.
  • Shall conduct general membership and Board of Director’s meetings.
  • Shall appoint all committees and chairpersons as appropriate.
  • Shall co-sign checks with the Treasurer.
  • Shall act as the Bylaw chairperson in the absence of an appointed chairperson.

Vice President – Greg Youree

  • Shall organize and promote club trips.
  • Shall appoint a Trail Master for each run.
  • Shall act as President in the absence of the elected President.

Delegate – OPEN/Taking Applications from Club Members!

  • Shall attend 4 (four) North District meetings of the CA4WDC and the state convention, and present a report to the club on the meetings.
  • Shall make the club membership aware of all proposed land closures and any legislation which would affect 4WD vehicles.

Secretary – Arline Abarr

  • Shall keep club records.
  • Shall handle club correspondence.
  • Shall record minutes at each meeting.
  • Shall publish club newsletter.

Treasurer – Ellen Layendecker

  • Shall co-sign checks with the President or Vice President.
  • Shall handle all club finances.
  • Shall prepare annual budget and monthly and annual financial statements.

Membership – Magnus Akerblom

  • Shall process membership applications.
  • Shall keep club attendance/participation records.
  • Shall maintain current roster mailing list.
  • Shall provide current roster to Secretary for mailings.
  • Shall update CA4WDC membership list annually.
  • Shall respond to inquiries for information.
  • Shall manage Esprit De Four (apparel, decals) items for sale.

Non-Elected Positions

Esprit de Four Environmental Affairs – Ole & Sherry Stortroen

Safety Clinic Chairs – Rick Montez & Dennis Holler

Webmaster – Michael Phorn

By Laws Chair- Detlef Mews

Email List – Michael Phorn