Esprit de Four 4WD Safety Clinic

Hands-on safety clinic


Cal4Wheel President’s Message

Suzy Johnson, Editor In-Gear Magazine


Set in beautiful Hollister Hills State Vehicular Recreational Area (Map to park), this course is primarily tailored to introduce those with little- or no-experience to off-road driving safety and trip planning. Those with more experience will come away with the knowledge that there is more to four wheeling than simply shifting into 4WD. Students will get a better feel for what they and their vehicle are capable of while driving in the various types of terrain found in our forests and wild lands. Our Hands-On Safety Clinic consists of: classroom instruction, two guided trail tours, and one-on-one guidance through several exercises. Virtually all four wheel drive vehicles (trucks and sport utility vehicles) and all levels of driver-skill are welcome (and have been through our clinic). Students must provide their own lunch but on Saturday, for a reasonable price, students will have the opportunity to enjoy a BBQ dinner and talk with the instructors and club members after Saturday’s class.


Classroom instruction consists of a narrated slide presentation: Topics such as back roads driving etiquette, how to avoid dangerous situations, and getting your vehicle unstuck are discussed. Students are encouraged to ask questions and participate in classroom discussions. A demonstration related to vehicle recovery basics is also provided.

Trails rated as "easy" to "moderately-difficult" are driven in the park where you will be able to put your newly acquired off-road driving skills to use. Students and their vehicles will be divided into groups and guided by instructors along well marked routes. CB radios are helpful in communicating directly with the trail guides as well as other students.

One-on-one instruction will be provided to guide you and your vehicle through Tire Placement, Stair Steps, Frame Twister, Hill Climb, and Off-camber exercises. While students are encouraged to drive through all of the obstacles in order to get the most from this hands-on clinic, full participation is never mandatory. 

Esprit de Four conducts two safety clinics per year: one during the Spring and one during the Fall. Each clinic is approximately eight hours long and is held on a Saturday or Sunday at Hollister Hills State Vehicular Recreational Area in Hollister Hills, California.  



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Esprit de Four 4WD Safety Clinic


Directions from San Jose, CA



Hollister Hills State Vehicular Recreation Area

7800 Cienega Rd, Hollister, CA 95023