Clinic Pre-Run

Trip date(s): May 1st to: May 2nd Trip Name: Hollister Hills Clinic Pre Run

Trip Location: Hollister

Weather Conditions: Sunny and Hot most of the day. Slight wind in the afternoon

Trail Conditions: Dry and sandy. There was mud in the pitG��s, almost all of them that could get most anyone stuck if they jumped in.

Who was there with you? The club Brass and lovely people like Ira and Lorrie, Darrel and Kathy, Michael and his wife, Amy and Joe, and many others.



I went to Hollister Hills Clinic pre-run to have a great time of camping, eating and good friends by the Campfire.


I arrived in the morning on Saturday around 7:30 am. The team was already hard at work making plans. Everyone was so friendly and I was welcomed right in to the GǣactionGǥ. We talked about many things to make the event better. Most important to that was communications! That went on for some time. Allot was set in motion for the clinic. Then we talked about getting stuck and who would do it. I was a volunteer. We talked allot about the demoG��s as well. Then it was off to the test!


Most of it was clean and straight forward, but check the lower half for a cow bell award.


Everyone was quick to help me air down, setup and get on the trail. We agreed on a plan for everyone to work with and setup up for radio checks. The station was set up while we went down and tried to get people stuck. After that it was a fun day of going around the park and actively testing radio reception and location. This allowed us to set the radio station in a great location, and see the whole park G�� over and over and over again! Alas I used my dad's old tent and he did not have all the tent tools and items there so I had to go home early! Would have loved to stay!


Now G�� for the cow bellGǪ.

Jim said he could not get stuck G�� hit a real killer of a hole with some soft soil G�� then got stuck. Said he was not stuck enough and then got more stuck! Then he wanted to make more of it and dug in! When asked for gear and tow straps, we found out it was in the rear blocked in by Dirt at this pointGǪ..ooooooops. Ding Ding Ding!


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