Adopt a trail

Esprit de Four members and guests: A big THANK YOU goes out to all those club members and guests who helped this past weekend, June 27 and 28, to open the Corral Hollow Trail and Mattley Loop Ridge Trail. The group consisted of the following people: (If I have misspelled names, or missed anyone, sorry, let me know to correct the records.)

Friday’s crew: Jason Green; Jay Lohr; Tom Vella; Ed Lorenzen; Chris Mains; Sherry Stortroen; C J Arnesen; Jim Hodges and Ole Stortroen.

Saturday’s crew: Chris Mains; Jay Lohr; Jason Green; Tom Vella; Ellen Layendecker; Jim Hodges; Brian McMinn; Thu Doung; Rick & Val Arnesen; C J Arnesen; Loro Paterson; Darell Kroeker; Lynn Warkentin; Bob Atchison; and Sherry Stortroen.

This year our group helped cut and clear 5 downed trees; dig thru one small snow bank; and picked up lots of garbage. There was an area off the Mattley Loop trail, that we cleaned up lots of garbage, shooting type garbage.

After Friday’s work day, Jason lead the group through the Slick Rock Trail. Nice trail, and not getting any easier. It was a nice day with work and wheeling. Thank you Jason for taking lead for the trails.

The Forest Service very much appreciates the work we do to keep these trails open. Without our help, there is a very good chance of resource damage, and trail closures. Good Job all. Thank you. Sincerely, Sherry Stortroen