Toys 4 Tots

Trail Boss: Jim Hodges Date: Dec. 10, 2005

Participates: Approximately 11 rigs.

This ride started when I decided after the monthly club meeting I wanted to do something with the Jeep for the Toys for Tots run. I talked with Jim H. after the meeting and saw what he had done to his Grand Cherokee. I knew I wouldnGÇÖt be able to compete with the King of Lights, but I thought I would see what I had around the house. After a little searching I found some Christmas lights and a wreath and I got to work decorating.

Saturday morning was clear and cool. My brotherGÇÖs family was invited to come along. So I picked them up (Jim, Sara, Michelle 12, & Daniel 9) at 9:15 and we were on our way. We were to meet at the Flames Restaurant on Camden Ave at 10:00 am. We arrived at 9:40 and a few minutes later Richard Beard arrived. It wasnGÇÖt long before several others had arrived (Mike P., Ellen, Jim O, to name a few.) We decide to move from where we were and get into position across the parking lot. Jim Hodges was there, already in position and so was Santa Claus & Mrs. Claus (Darell & Kathy).

The caravan departed a little after 10:00 am. My nephew, Daniel thought it was cool with all the chatter on the CB and driving with all the other rigs. On the way we got fun looks from a lot of people. I think they might have been impressed with my decorating skills on the Jeep! (Ya!!)

The caravan arrived at Christmas in the Park, about 20 minutes later. We took one pass around the park before stopping to unload our gifts. As usual, the park was set up beautifully for the holiday spirit. When we stopped, a smiling Marine greeted us by the name of Corporal Mackey. She looked as if she was having a great day and was very much appreciative for the toys we were delivering. She was kind enough to take a few minutes to pose for pictures along with a couple other Marines. We all loaded back up into the Jeep and we said our good-byes and moved on.

We split off from the caravan to head back to Mountain View; others went their way and the main caravan heading off to have brunch at Darrel and KathyGÇÖs.

Fun ride, for a great cause !!