Work on your rig weekend (10 minutes my $#@*)

As some of us knew, some minor modifications were required... But the good news is...  There were a number of things fixed this weekend!!!

1) my cage is in!  And the top fits great!  Many thanks to Mike, Tom, Steve, Connie, Lorrie, and Ellen for their help!!!

2) Steve replaced some rotting wood on his roof carrier.  Nice job by Steve, Tom, Ellen, and probably others...

3) Mike replaced a shock which is going back under warranty.

4) Ellen and Connie torqued their U-bolts.  Connie's in particular were pretty loose.  They should not be suffering from a center pin break on trail!

5) Ellen and Connie also have a list of items to look at on their jeeps.

Tom and CJ showed up and lent more than just moral support.  CJ wished he had his jeep but he has so much money now it is off having a laundry list of things done to it by a professional shop!!!  Tom has some projects in the works but just drove his car left just before lunch.

I had a great time and am really excited about the new cage.  I got some other little things done, like painting some rust spots on the jeep and oiling the hinges on my rear door (Thanks Ellen!)

A good time was had by all,