Good Guys Car Show

I want to thank Ed Lorenzen for the donation of the spaces, parking passes, and free admission to the Pleasanton Good Guys Show. I would also like to thank John Ruiz, Mike George, Richard Beard, Ellen, Ole and Sherry for help to man and women our club booth. John, Mike and I arrived in Pleasanton on Friday afternoon. We set up our site with John's table and canopy, Mikes Bronco, and my supervision. Ed came and joined us for an evening BBQ, visiting, and talking about what we might expect from the weekend. Off to bed by 11:00pm, to sleep by 12:30, train whistles, and then 3:30am the rest of the vendors pulled in to start setting up. One vender was very kind to John and parked his diesel older Dodge right next to John's bunk. This fellow must have let that thing run for a good 15-20 minutes before finally turning it off. More train noises, people clanging and banging, car alarms going and not much more sleep. Ed did warn us about this, thanks Ed. We finally decided that no more sleep was to be had and up at 7:00. Wow, I thought this thing opened at 8:00? There was a steady stream of people at least 4-5 wide heading into the gates. The Bronco did draw some attention and we must have spoke with 15-20 people that either had had one or still did. I asked each one if it was for sale and said a difinate NO WAY. John hit the parking lot and put flyers on some 100 or so vehicles, all being 4x4's. Richard Beard joinded and gave us a couple hours of help. We handed out probably another 100 or so flyers to people stopping by or when asked if they had a 4x4 they said yes. Several of the people thought that they would like to do the clinic and would check their calendars.

I stayed Saturday night with Ed in his trailer and got very little sleep due to his neighbors. I think that they stayed up the whole night talking, rearranging their inventory, and starting their vehicles to maybe run the heater. Up at 6:00am to get the passes back to the gate for Sherry and Ole. I expected to see Ole there already, but he was not. They were waiting at Jack in the Box till 7:00. Ole and Sherry brought photo albumns and Ellen brought her lap top with some DVD's. With all in very capable hands, I left about 10:00am to go home and get some sleep.

Another nice Club run with 8 members participating. Once again thank you one and all for help and clinic promotion. Darell