I want to thank Ed & Toni for all the work they did to set up such a fantastic run! I took my Mom and a friend along too. The trip was part of my Mom’s 70th Bday gift. She called the trip the “trip of a lifetime”!

Although the snow made for a longer trip up for us, the drive up 88 in heavy snow & then over Monitor Pass (Hwy 89) made an extra scenic loop trip for us.

2 friends & Mom & I met at my place in Mountain Ranch (between Arnold & Jackson) on Thursday for joint Bday celebration and to do some work at Mtn Ranch.

When I woke up FR AM I checked & found local passes closed but 88 still open. Ed had left email + phone messages regarding closures & we talked & left cell messages back & fourth. I decided to head up 88 & get passes before even that route closed.

I think we arrived at VCS about 2:30. Lots of “popcorn” snow was falling and Ed & Darrel were standing out in the parking lot. I asked my Mom & friend if they wanted to see about upgrading to HEATED motel room & they quickly said yes.

Turned out that due to the snow a couple of motel rooms were available including the one I was originally planning on reserving since it had 3 beds.

I took Sierra for a walk in the snow before going in and enjoying a nice warm meal in the VCS restaurant where we met & dined with other Ed4 members.

Sat AM was clear & cold & it took a long time to scrape enough snow & ice off my Bronco to be able to drive it. My rear window + one valve stem were frozen solid. Used some warm water to melt ice keeping back window from rolling down & was able to finish tire air down after driving to the start of the unpaved route.

The day was beautiful made much more so by all the fresh snow. It was fun to see the old mining ruins & drive through such a snowy wonderland on our way to Bodie. The snow not only made for a non dusty route but also cushioned the route & added so much to the scene. I was surprised how many people were in Bodie considering the weather.

The stampmill tour was great! I have visited Bodie many times before but had never taken the stampmill tour & I’m sure glad we did it when we did because for now at least public tours have been suspended due to Haz Mat I assume. I enjoyed walking out the boardwalk in the Co Park to see Mono Lake up close & the tuffa towers too.

The stop at the big visitors center overlooking Mono is always nice too, great book selection in their gift shop).

Mom & friend & I enjoyed the evening socializing & meal in the heated tent at VCS too. I think everyone had a great time on the trip.

In the AM Ed came knocking at the door to say breakfast had been moved to inside the restaurant. It was fun to have another group meal & say goodbyes.

Since only local pass open was Tioga, we headed that way stopping to take in Lundy Canyon & the beaver pond on the way back. Sierra wasn’t happy that I wouldn’t let her swim in the icy beaver pond.

Ed & Toni went more than the extra mile to set up such an involved exciting trip! Thank you so much!!!! We all had so much fun! My Mom enjoyed meeting all of you that went on the trip & wants to know when we can go again!

My 89 Bronco turned over 1/4 mil. miles as we crossed Monitor Pass, I’ve been noicing since 100 miles of washboard rd on trip to Saline Valley last year, spare tire rack has been rattling & now I see that part of rear fending is ripping due to so many miles & many rough miles. I need to somehow reinforce/repair the weakend metal, anyone know of good place to go to see about repairing it?

Thanks again for everything! Loro