Details:The “Off Highway Roads” covered were the original ED4 Adopt a Trail of the Mattley Loop. It has also been extended to the Long Gulch By-Pass put in a few years ago. ( 3 ) We have also decided to include the Mattley Ridge as it connects the other two. Saturday: Vehicles: 11 People: 20 Miles total: 22.3 Trees: ~20

Lost count after 15, and we were still on the short ridge to the east of Mattley Meadows private property. ~7,600 ft. level on rhw Calaveres Dome 7.5 min USGS Map. Just after crossing either short 7N62Y or letter A in box logging road. This was a REAL MESS. Took most of the day to do about 300 feet.

There were a few trees on the way up the first section of 6A, and a few on the way up 6F through the actual Mattley Meadows areas. We did a short rocky by pass where the tail as getting further and further into one of the meadow areas. This section will make it a bit harder for stock vehicles and pickups, but we did get some of them through.

Sunday: Vehicles: 4 People: 6 Miles total:25.2 Trees: 4 or 5

Started by going out 7N09 to 5E or the ” Intersection”.

Went down to the Long Gulch by pass, actually got through with doing no work. Looks like the Sweeko / Sweeco machine did put in 3 or 4 water bars, but did no real trail work. Looks like some folks have tried to go UP the by pass but none of them got past the first trees. Looks like we were the first to go down this yr.

Did cut a couple of trees out of the larger roads at the bottom of the by pass. Did a bit of improvement to help people to know when to turn LEFT to go home out 5E to 7N05.

Came back up 7N05 to 7N09, and back to the “Intersectioin” of 7N09 / 5E / 6G / 6A etc. where there is a remnant sign for the Mattley Ridge. Went back out along the Ridge. Cut a couple trees about 2 - 3 miles in. Another 3 footer. and a smaller one.

Went counter clock wise down the Mattley Loop for ~2.2 miles. To the “east” ?!? of the trail here is a rock pile.

We flagged a possible new trail route which would completely by pass one of the smaller, lower, meadows.

We flagged this possilbe by pass with orange tape on one side and yellow tape on the other side. There is only one 3″ diamater tree that would need to be removed. This could be done below surface level.

GPS coordinates for the top and bottom of the by pass.

TOP n 38* 28.066 w120* 07.362

Bottom n 38* 27.952 w120* 07.319