Molina Ghost Run

With very little sleep on Friday night after rolling in and setting up late in the campground, Joe and I were lucky enough to meet up with John R. and family, and Denny & Co. in the morning. Then Denny had a great idea - he gave us each an FRS radio to keep in touch with each other throughout the run. That one stroke of luck turned out to be the best idea. Thanks to the radios, we were able to stay with each other, while everyone else on that run got lost! As bizarre as that sounds, it seems that a large group of vehicles lost the trail, and returned to camp early, while Joe and I, John and Denny were able to follow the Westside Wheelers through the whole trail, including an area called the “Pichacho Loop”, a very rocky, narrow, fun climb.

John is right - the Westside Wheelers out of Coalinga were a great group, and thanks to them, we had a great time.

Good wheelin’, good company, and good weather - great weekend!