Hollister Hills

Hello, Well… This was my first run with the club. When I started out from home, it was foggy and bleak and I was wondering if that was an omen! By the time I got to Cienega road, the sun had come out and it was looking like it was going to be a glorious day.

I was the last to get to the school house where Ellen, Susi, Richard and Carol were waiting. After a couple of minutes to air down and lock the hubs, we were off. Having a primarily stock rig, I was concerned that it would limit the trails we would take and perhaps not challenge the others in the group. Boy was I surprised when I got to the left turn on the downhill Chaparral hill. (Did I mention it went downhill? I mean really downhill!!!!) There was a bit of pucker factor involved in making that left turn — the rear of the truck was sliding about and thanks to Richard’s guiding and coaching, I made it without a scratch.

Ellen then led us all the way up to the top of Hector Heights for a lunch break and the great view! We then went down to the Quarry for a little fun, then to the obstacle course. Ending the day at the ravine for a lesson in how to rely on your friends when you need help. Richard put on an amazing run up Truck hill. Then the sand pit to watch Jim climb out in an amazing display.

I had a great time! Great people, great day. I learned more about my vehicle’s abilities, lack of abilities, and what other’s vehicles are capable of.

By the way, Darrell, under tha cheap Earl Scheib silver paint is a red 4Runner.

Thanks for a great day! Dennis