Clinic Pre-run

Hi all We had our 6 member, Tom V., Jim O., Jason G., Mike C., CJ., and myself. We were also joined by guests, Kelly and son Carter, Cody, Chris and prospective, Ron and Arlene.

We did kind of come to one quick and clear decision. If it has rainded either the day before or during the night, we are not going on any other trails other than Foothill, West trail, Haul Road, Lupine Loop, and Rabbit Road. Trying to negotiate the other trails was almost an impossiblilty. Any trail that had an incline of about 10-15 degre redered your rig motionless going up hill and somewhat uncontrollable going down.

On the trails that we could go on, we all had a fun time. I hope of you had as much fun cleaning your rigs when you got home.

We did get to see quite a treat, around 60-70 VW Syncros were out and about for their annaul Hollister weekend, This is quite a site.

More about this at the general meeting on the 12th