Mini-trip report for Hollister Hills trip

Mini trip report. I loaded up the trailer last night and headed down to the park this morning for the HHORA meeting and to connect up with Andy.  After I loaded up the trailer I noticed that for some reason one of the trailer tires was rubbing in the fender. So I removed the fender.

Meeting was exceptionally boring and lasted over two hours. By the time I made it into the park, I was not able to find Andy. I tooled around for a couple of hours and packed it up to go home. I LOVE the new setup. It is nice to have a front locker. Park was crowded.

On the way home I got pulled over for speeding. ... then he saw no plates on the trailer...

The officer intended to impound the trailer with the Jeep on it. After I unhooked the trailer and pulled all my tools out of the back of the Jeep the officer realized that they could not put the trailer and the Jeep on a police wrecker and he just gave me the stations and let me take the trailer/Jeep home.

My wife is working on getting plates for the trailer and I picked a nice spot on the trailer for my new cow bell.