Summer Campout Pre-Run

This past Friday, Ed and I made a trip up to the campground area to check things out. Here is what we found. The campgrounds are very clean, they have 3 camp host on site.

There is overflow parking for trailers within the campgrounds.

There are pit toilet restrooms with lights in them.

There NO SHOWERS in the campground, however there are water faucets at various locations throughout the campgrounds.

There are no hookups.

There are Bears in the vicinity, bear boxes are provided at each campsite to store your foods in. Food left out, $300.00 fine.

Lots of trees at every campsite.

Fire wood is $8.00 per small bundle, be sure to bring some fire wood if possible. It is OK to gather wood in this forest, however no power tools are allowed in the campgrounds. This means cutting the wood with hand saw only.

Gasoline and diesel are available at the Huntington Rancheria store. Regular was $4.20 and diesel was $3.89, but it was available.

Low price Gas and Diesel was at Prather, $3.03 gas, $2.79 diesel. This is approx. 40 miles before Huntington. Gas is also available in Shaver Lake.

Upon arrival, you need to check in at the Campgrounds Headquarters. The campgrounds are on the left side of the hiway, but the check in is accross the big bridge and make a right turn. You have arrived at the Campground checkin.

Fire permits are available at the Ranger Info center next to the Campground Checkin. Fire permits are required for any kind of flames, BBQ, stove, campfire, or propane powered cooking stoves.

The trailhead for the Friday run is about 12 miles paved from the campgrounds. Trailhead for the Saturday runs are about 10 miles pavement and another 6 miles gravel/dirt.

I know that I have left out some other information, but if you have any other questions or concerns, Ed and I can provide answers.