Prairie City

We all had a wonderful time at Prairie City! We had a good turnout. Joe M. and Alicia came to our ranch earlier to transfer some of his good but unwanted junk, to our garage and pile of good but wanted junk. Good think we have a garage, a barn, and 50 acres to store stuff on.

We proceeded to Prairie City after playing with the riding lawn motor for awhile (hey, it has a motor and it’s 4-wheel drive!). We met Andrew, already playing in the mud with his jeep, and Gretchen looking on in consternation as he got stuck. But he wasn’t the only one to get stuck that day. There is some serious mud in Prairie City. Soon Eric and Brian joined us as we played on the obstacle course, which is somewhat more substantial, or maybe just bigger than Hollister. Joe M. got high centered on the rocks, but got even later on by winching at least a half dozen people out of the mud. I think Andrew got stuck again, and Eric, a samurai, and a few other vehicles playing on and around the trails. I distinctly remember a small Honda Odessey (like a big go-cart), driven by a blonde high school girl wearing short shorts, that seemed to garner a lor of attention from the ED4 men. It seemed that she was stuck in this tiny little mud puddle, and there was some kind of debate on the best way to pull her out. Brian tried to lift the cart, but finally, the tension eased when Joe M. got out his tow rope and bravely attached it to his jeep and pulled her out. Luckily enough, Joe S. and I were in our Explorer, and he decided that there were more than enough men already standing around the cart, trying to figure out what to do. A very smart man.

The 4-wheel drive are in Prairie City is pretty small, and not very challenging, except for the obstacle course and the mud. Good playing time, and a good place to practice skills. Great place to bring a picnic. There was a neat race vehicle - (HELP! I’m not really sure how to describe it)- following a 4-wheel drive racetrack they have set up there. The air he caught over the small bumps on the trail was amazing. And it looked like a lot of fun.