Adopt a trail

Trail Report: Adopt-A-Trail June 23-24, 2007, by Brian McMinn There was a great turnout for a work outing. We had about 12 rigs and almost twice as many people to work on the trails. Fortunately we had a mild winter so the work was light this year. We only had to clear about 5 or 6 trees from the trail. Work was finished before lunch where we finally met up with Roy the Forrest Ranger. He was grateful for our efforts and seemed genuinely interested in promoting our enjoyment of the forest.

The driving ace of the day award goes to David Grubman who expertly piloted his wife’s Chevy Tahoe through the Mattley Loop Trail. He came out with running board intact!

The afternoon was spent trail riding. This involved some off-camber sections through tight trees. I took comfort in knowing that Darell and Jim were ahead of the group with the two biggest rigs on the trail. If they could make it so could I. Jim had a little trouble making it past one of the off-camber sections so the group broke out the chainsaws and shovels and “improved” the trail making it easier for those that followed.

Some of the group stayed the night at the Horse Gulch campground. Jim Hodges, Loro Paterson, John & Hope Ruiz and children, and I enjoyed the evening around the campfire. Jim entertained us with his better than National Geographic, live flashlight demonstration.

Looking forward to next year and hope to see everyone soon.