Red Rock Canyon

The trip to Red Rock Canyon State park was loads of fun. We (Hugh, Cindy and kids) arrived on the morning of December 27. Ole & Sherry were already there. Andrew’s friend Tom showed up and an unknown couple from San Diego joined us in their TJ for day one on the trail. We ran a fun trail over to Cudahy camp, and then out the south end of Last Chance Canyon. Day 1 drivers included the San Diego couple & kids in a blue TJ, Ole (white cj5), Sherry (silver cj7), Tom (white mazda), Cindy & kids (red suzuki) and Hugh (green yj). Andrew was waiting for us when we got back to camp on the evening of the 27th. On the 28th, Ole & Sherry left for truck haven. Making the run on the second day was Cindy & Hugh (& kids), Tom and Andrew (grey cj7). We ran Iron Canyon, thru Nightmare Gluch to Cudahy camp. Then we headed north up Last Chance Canyon, stopping to explore the Dutch Cleanser mines before returning to camp.

On the 29th, the run included Hugh, Tom and Andrew where we went into Last Chance Canyon from the south, turned up Pleasent Valley, to Mesquite Canyon. We stopped to explore Burro Schmidt’s Tunnel.