Sunday, June 28:CJ & Susanna, Dennis Holler & Ava Moore, Loro, Sierra & Alpine Valarie & Rick Arnesen, & Moke. (Sorry if I got the name wrong? I was not very awake this morning) Met at the Corral Hollow trail head at about 9:30am, and ran the trail up to Bear Valley by about 12:30 with a stop for a short hike to the high point. The trail is completely open, with easy passage through the snow banks. I'm happy to report the Grand Cherokee is gone.

After an ice cream break at Bear Valley, CJ led his parents, Dennis & Ava & me to lunch on the banks of the creek on Slick Rock Trail. After lunch, I headed home uneventfully other than the blistering hot weather. The rest headed down the trail! So, more news to follow...

Also, I got a photo of a fungus I've never seen before, even in the mycology books. Looks like a white ball with spikes on it! If anyone knows mushrooms, let me know and I'll send a photo.

Thanks to Sherry for organizing the trail opening!