Miles driven: Total miles put on our rig (trail and travel) - 143Details: I stayed night in Jamestown on the 15th and encouraged my friend Lynn to join myself and the rest of the eager workers on the 16th to open the adopt a trail route.

We left Jamestown at 7:00am and headed to Arnold. I was informed by e-mail that the group would be leaving the Hungry Prospector Restaurant at 9:30am to head up to the trail. Well we arrived at the restaurant at 9:00am. Nobody there! Lets just head up to the trail and follow the directions to find everbody. We drove approximately 35 miles all over the mountain trying to locate the work party. After about an hour and a half, we came upon the rangers driving around and were given directions.

All of this frustration under our belts, we were finally where the work was taking place.

My friend and I really enjoyed working with the group and making the trail so that others can use it. The location and surrounding area is really pretty. Especially the Aspen Trees and the large meadow are gorgeous.

With all the working hard and visiting it was a very enjoyable time.

Amazingly enough I did not have any problems with my E-Bronco on that day. I sincerely enjoyed working with (just to name a few) Jason, Chris, Ollie, Sherry, John, Doug, Ellen and of course Carole.

We cleared a lot of trees and I actually put in 4 wheel for awhile. We headed up and down and around switchbacks that netted Sherrie a ripped tire directly ahead of me. The spare was mounted and we were on our way again.

The day ended up at the campground where Chris treated us to some water to washup with from his nifty on board water supply.

It is really neat to be associated with a group of poeple that are willing to go the extra mile (or miles) for others.

Looking forward to more fun trips with (hopefully my club).