Hollister Hills Tree Planting

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I’m going to start off with the good stuff and end with the with the normal. For those that did not show up this weekend you missed out on a “Special Treat”

We got to go explore the trails in the new area of the park! To our surprise after lunch Jeff had one of the guys who help set up the new trails take us for a private tour of the trails. We took 5 rigs making the run. Before we started the run Ole asked everyone to air down, remain in 4wd at all times and to take it real easy on the trails. Riding shotgun with Ole was the guy that was in with the development of the trails. Ole really needed him because the trails were covered in grass in many areas. Ron Ron ran shotgun with Ellen, Sherry went in Rich’s whit Jeep, Ray had his son and I had my oldest son Chris with me (Ed). We toured the new area for about 2-1/2 hours. The trails were mostly narrow and I’m guessing that they will be one way trails because there is little to no room to pass. The views were great as we wound through the trees and stopped and some of the peaks. There are two family campsites in the new area that looks to be a pretty private tent camp area. One of the sites already had a vault toilet in place. I believe we were the FIRST group of general 4 wheelers to be allowed to drive these trail! When this side of the park opens to the public it will be very nice.

See good things can happen during troubled times!

Now to start from the beginning. Since we were not allowed to enter Area 5 until 6am Saturday Chris and I left Modesto about 9pm Friday night with Ray following us in his new motorhome. We arrived in downtown Hollister at about 11pm and pulled our motorhome into the high school parking lot for the night. There was plenty of room for our rigs and we did not even get a knock on the door at 3am with the police asking us to move! We got up at 6:30 and were at Area 5 by 7am. Oly & Sherry beat us in.

Everyone met up at the park office at 9am to get our instruction from Patty and off to the new area we went. The area Patty wanted the Elderberry trees planted was about one mile in from the new parking area. The planing of the trees was just like trips before. Dig hole, pound posts, plant tree and put up baby fence. We all worked as a team and it took us about 1-1/2 hours to get all 20 trees planted. Patty baked banana bread and lemon treats for us to snake on as she gave us our two free day passes to the park. After we were all done snaking Patty gave us our first treat of the new park! David it was to bad you went back with Jeff to the parking area………….. Patty lead us out and the trails we were on were pretty wide because she was driving on of the parks big flat bed truck. We all followed and the she stopped. Since I was the first rig behind her she came up to me and said to take this trail to the left and lead the group up to one of the new camping areas. Ole & Darell stayed with Patty and I did not hesitate on leading the group on the new trail. At the top we all got out of the rigs and took in the view. When looking west you get a birds side view of the park we know along with the GP race track area. We could have stayed up there long but I had to remind everyone that Oly & Darell were waiting for us at the bottom so we all climbed back into our rigs and headed down.

As the day ended Oly, Sherry and I joined the members of Diablo 4Wheelers at there campfire. We had some very good campfire talk but it was hard not telling them the whole story on what we did after planing the trees.

Since it rained most of Saturday night we just pack things up Sunday morning and headed home early.

A special thanks to all that showed up this weekend!