[ED4] September Clinic Pre-run Trip Report (9/2/17)

Despite the weather forecast with it being 100+, even at 9am it was rather warm, but nonetheless the group meet-up at the Oak tree spot as planned with about 9 rigs (Mike D. had to drop out due to some shock trouble). I was a few minutes late and had just enough time to air-down before the group headed out. We ran through several loops, most of all the trails we pre-ran were in good condition with a few noted spots for the clinic. Some spots where turns were a bit tight and/or off-camber; so, for some folks may need to spot/coach but overall in my opinion the trails we pre-ran where exceptionally good with the clinic in-mind.  This is us getting started first thing in the morning.      


Mid-way through our morning, I noticed some folks trying to wave the group down from below the side ridge Garner Gulch trail we were traversing along the trees which is above the Adventure Track area, I got on the CB to inform the group that we were being summoned for help, and the group made our way to the Adventure Track to find this.


After a survey by the ED4 group, Joe & I went to task to get our rigs ready for winching duty, and with Big Mike taking lead with being our winching conductor we were able to get the WJ back on its own 4 tires. Truly a team effort, with Big Mike pitching in his nice hitching rope (Need to get one in my tool bag) and orchestrating the winching for us and Dennis preparing to anchor my TJ to his 4-Runner as I was starting to slide towards the end. Below is a photo of the mid-point of getting the WJ back up and out of the hole; as, it was a tug upward out of this hole/cup while it was on its side. I’ve been meaning to upgrade my alternator, I have spec’d out  & order one with Wrangler NW just last week, and looking forward to swapping it in soon. For those of wondering about the LED light bar, the LED light bar didn’t get a scratch. ;-)


Soon after this operation was complete, the group headed back onto the trail for a final loop with a little bit of frolicking in the old obstacle course of the pre-run, and by this time it was well over 110-degrees. We wrapped up near noon time. Quickly took a break and aired up and disbanded as it was truly one of the hotter Hollister Hill wheeling trips I’ve experience with my years wheeling there. Up there with Baja California where it can be >120-Degrees. Anyway, it was a good run, and I was glad that I was able to get out with the group on a day-trip being a prospective member. Looking forward to more runs and soon some overnights too!


2006 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon (TJ)