Adopt a trail

Ok, here It is, my first trip report! Adopt-a-trail, wow, who would have known that off roading with chainsaws could be so much fun. I got up to Dorington Thursday after noon with Jason Green, Chuck Rippen and Rich Taylor, Rich supplied the cabin for the weekend. By 13:00 the four of us set off on our dual sport bikes up HWY 4 to the trail head to evaluate the trails for maintenance. This was my first adopt a trail after working and wheeling with ED4 over the past four seasons. Saturday Morning at the trail head our group of about 14 rigs” I think?” split off into two groups. Not a whole lot took place in the clearing the trail department to report but for those that weren’t there, to see approximately eight grown men working harder than any logger in the area just to roll an 8ft section of a log down a hill, well, let’s just say you missed out. Well, I think I’m going to stop here mostly because I’m at work and filling my report out on my Black Berry, not an easy job to do with my fat fingers. My mind is still some where up above Slick Rock off of HWY 4, but that’s another story! Thanks to all that showed up and added to the adventure.

Jim O’leary