Cal 4WDC Convention

Wow what a weekend. Since we did the whole vendor thing this weekend, I expect my weekend was completely different from the other attendees. Here is what our weekend looked like: So our adventure for the Convention started with Lexi and I loading up the truck Friday morning for the drive to Sacramento. Drive was uneventful and a good time to spend with my oldest little girl.

We made it to the hotel and the organizers welcomed us and we set up our vendor booth. It was great to meet people all day. Friday evening was the hospitality room and they had quite the crowd. Did a little hot tub and crashed early.

Saturday we met hundreds of people and there were some interesting characters we had the opportunity to spend time with. Since we were manning our booth I did not have the chance to attend any of the sessions. Our booth was right next to the Rubicon Trail Foundation and they were running old 50s movies of Jeeps running the Rubicon. That was really cool to watch (over and over and over again). There was a stack of Clinic fliers at the registration desk and we did see a number of folks walking around with them. Hope that will result in some registrations.

Saturday night for the dinner we hooked up with most of the ED4 crew; Ole, Sherry, Rich, Connie and Ed (Ed for VP). The theme of the weekend was to honor those who served in our military. The dinner for the evening was focused on that. There were men in uniform, honor guard, reading of the fallen, bag pipes, bugler playing taps an overall very sentimental and emotional tribute. It was hard to not be swept up in the emotion of it all. I was proud to be with ED4 as we took home two awards in recognition of our conservation work and for our Safety clinic. I am sure Sherry will provide details at our next meeting. I was also proud to be part of ED4 when they went through the contributions. The contributions ranged from $20 all the way up to $5,000. Our contributions were significant.

Lexi and I stayed at the dinner long enough for the name of the winner of the Jeep to be announced. It was some dude from St. Cloud MN. They called the guy from a speaker phone at the podium in front of all 500 people at the dinner. Sounds like we woke him up (almost 11:00pm his time). He was not sure what we were talking about. Did not remember entering the drawing. Once it settles in, I hope he enjoys it. It was an awesome looking rig this year. Proud to be part of ED4, David