Meet'n Greet

Great day of food, friends, and, more food. Conversing about the hobby we all enjoy, and promoting the fun club that we are a part of. Thanks go out to all who participated and provided the food and gear that made this event happen.

We had a very good turnout with members and prospective members. Those in attendance were Michael C., Jason, Dennis H., Darell, Ellen, Brian M., Jim O., Mike P., Chuck R., John R., Shane R., Sherry, Ron F., Everet K,. and yours truly. I hope I didn't miss anyone.

Special thanks to Jim for taking the time to load up his truck with the ramp, easy ups, tables, & Bar-B-Q. Thank-you to those who provide what seemed to be an endless supply of food. Tri-tip sandwiches, donuts, cookies, salsa, chips, soft drinks.

We talked to a lot of visitors, gave out a lot of Clinic flyers, and Membership packages.

Thanks again to all who participated.