Campout photos Well, like I said at the camp fire last night, “Cheers to Ed for a great run”.

I am going to sum this up…

Runs: Thurs, Deer Valley Fri, Slick Rock (reverse) Sat, Corral Hollow — Slick Rock (forward)

Carnage: 3 blown beads 2 blown cylinders 1 transfer case shifter bracket thingy 1 shreded tire (We think as a result of one of the blown beads and then he drove on it too long.) 1 torn side wall 1 drive shaft U-joint

Almost sounds like the 12 days of xmas!

Evening entertainment: Fri, “Witless Protection, with Larry the Cable Guy” Sat, Slide show of weekends events courtesy of Mike (of Mike & Mike), Lorrie, Ed, and Ira

Photos to be posted in a while. I know that Mike (of Mike & Mike) took a lot of good ones with his camera. Lorrie got a lot as well, but she and I have to coordinate on where they get posted.

Thanks again to Ed for a great run… Ira