Bodie Trip Report

My adventure to Bodie actually start last year. When we had confirmation that we would be making the move west I purchased a couple of books on the old mining towns in northern California. Of course you cannot talk about mining camps without a prominent description of Bodie.

Fast forward to Friday the 5th of October, I grabbed Lexi from School and we started the journey to Bridgeport. Being new to the west I was not familiar with the concept of a pass. Ed was kind enough to give us the heads up that Sonra Pass (highway 108) was closed. That meant that after Lexi and I battled the bay area rush hour, we were headed toward Yosemite to take the Tioga pass on highway 120. As we approached, we learned that pass was closed. We turned around and headed north for highway 4 and found that pass closed. Our last attempt was highway 88. It was late and thankfully Lexi was fast asleep in the back seat. We rolled into camp in the wee hours of Saturday morning. We were cold and tired, but we were there.

It was a cold night in the little tent cabin. In the morning we met the group at the restaurant for some very much appreciated hot chocolate and breakfast. With that, we were on our way. We hooked up with Dennis and Ava on our way north into Bridgeport to the start of the trail. Our first photo op was after a few minutes on the gravel road looking back over the Bridgeport reserve.