Safety Clinic

When my brother purchased his new jeep (2007 JK Sahara) a few weeks ago, I told him about the Safety Clinic, and that he should go through it. I told him I would go with him and I am glad I did. My dad and brother made the trip down from Pollock Pines on Friday and were raring to go Saturday morning. The trip from San Jose took about an hour and we arrived in Area 5 @ 8:15. After getting registered and aired down, we were shuttled to the classroom a little after 9:00. Kelly and Jason did a great job during the classroom portion of the day. Switching back and forth throughout the course kept things lively and the 2 hours went by quickly while covering a wide variety of 4WD situations.

The demonstration portion was informative also, covering winching, strapping and jacking in various configurations.

After the classroom and demo, we were shuttled back to Area 5 where we took a quick lunch break and then headed to our vehicles for the trail portion of the course. The students were put into 2 different groups, the pirates and the patriots, I was with the patriot group.

Our trail lead was Ellen, mid-gunner was Jim and tail gunner was Tom. Our student vehicles were a Land Cruiser(diesel, f40?), cherokee, JK, and 3 TJ’s. We headed out of Area 5 to the 1st obstacle, “The Ravine”. Jim demonstrated a ravine crossing and Tom demonstrated the ravine run with Jason, Kelly and ?? doing a great job of spotting/guiding. All of the students conquered the obstacle with no problems and the cherokee and Land Cruiser going through twice with double drivers. (Thank you Ira, the pictures look great!)

From there it was off to the obstacle course, on the way over, I was responsible for leading the group off course (slightly) when I couldn’t resist the new water and rock obstacle by the day use area. Fortunately, no one got stuck! At the obstacle course we split into two groups and took turns at the frame twister and stair step. Other than one bent running board and some unwanted mud on Ellen’s jeep all of the vehicles made it through the obstacles. Thanks again to Tom for demonstrating for the group.

After running trails for a while, it was back to Area 5, for backing down a hill, stopping and starting on a hill and the tire placement course.

Then it was time to check out and get ready for dinner. For those of you who stayed, I hope it was a great evening, we had to head back and join the rest of the family so we missed the campfire :(

All in all, a great course and a must do for every 4WD drive owner.

Thanks again Esprit de Four!

Brian Geranen