A special thanks to Ira for leading yet another GREAT wheeling trip. Kathy, Tinkerbell and I started out of San Jose on friday at about 6:30pm and arrived at Horse Gulch about 11:20pm. It was a long trip, but we were greeted by our trail Boss Ira. The power jacks did not work on the motorhome when we got there and Ira helped us get level enough for the night. I guess to many bounces on the dirt and gravel roads has disconnected a wire somewhere. My other favorite thing, the airhorns on the motorhome do not work either.

We awoke around 8:15 am and started moving around to get ready for the trail. Ed, Toni and son, Ray, John, Hope, and kids, Kathy, Tinkerbell(our trail dog), myself and Ira and Lorie headed off to find a new trail to try. We headed up to Mt. Reba and were told about a trail that started off the road to the Ski Lift area. We proceeded up it and discovered that the map was probably not correct, because we just kept finding trail closed signs. We also found ALOT of deer hunters up there. We asked some of them about any other trails and they all said that this was as far as it went. After about an hour of this, it was decided to go to Slick Rock Trail and run it again. I have only run it once before and thought it to be a good trail. We were amazed at the condition the trail was in. This was billed as a newbie run, things have really changed and the trail was a lot harder than before. I do not think that this can be used as a newbie run, unless the vehicles have had some mods. done. We were intertained at the stairstep by a couple of guys driving a Toyota pickup. It seems that the regular way up stairsteps was way to easy and uneventfull. The driver went way to the left up the very steep boulders and then tried to turn right and head up the steps. With all of the off camber turning right the Toyota decided to show the underside. It rolled on it’s side and tried to land on the top, but rolled back and came to a rest. The guys were all OK and a strap provided by one of OUR OWN was used to right the vehicle. He then winched his way to safety. We all headed out and back to camp. Diners were made and a nice campfire warmed us while hanging out together. Sunday morning came and it was time to say our goodbyes till the next time. Another good trip with no damage or breakdowns!!! Yeh.

The campground at Horse Gulch was so full that we were parked in the area out by the little pond. Kind of cozy, but we did not have far to walk to our fellow wheelers. I have not ever seen so many hunters in one area as I did this last weekend.

Looking forward to the Octoberfest for the Blue Lakes Run. Darell L. Kroeker