Deer Valley

Deer Valley Weekend Kathy and I left our house at 9:40 am on friday. We were joined by Mike and Dede. We decided to head up early and enjoy a relaxing time in the Murphys area. Our first stop was at Chatom Winery, where we sampled some nice wines and had a picnic lunch. We then headed to the town of Murphys and found several other wine tasting rooms to try. They were all very accomodating. Stevenot, Milliaire, Zucca, and Hatcher. Some of you sampled these at the dinner saturday evening.

Friday evening was an enjoyable time with friends having a potluck kind of dinner at the lodge. As people continued arriving, the volume increased and fun was being had by all.

Saturday morning seemed to come early. We all had our breakfast in the lodge. Vehicle inspection reports were done and everyone was ready to go. Our departure time was 9:00am, but we actually left EARLY, around 8:45am. The group of vehicles numbered 21 and were split up into three groups. Group leaders were Ellen, Eric, and Mike P. Since I was not going on trail, I made myself available to spot anyone that wished to have help getting through the “gate” to the trail. Having gotten all through, Kathy and I headed back down to the lodge. A call came over the FRS asking that I return to the trail head and help a disabled vehicle, yeh yeh, I know it was a fellow Bronco. Being it was a Bronco, it was easier to understand and running again in a matter of 15-20 minutes.

Kathy and I went back to the lodge and decided to relax the rest of the day by going down to Murphys and Angels Camp. Look through a number of interesting stores and returned to the lodge around 3:00pm. Just in time for a nap.

Cocktail hour started about 4:30pm till the rest of the group returned from the trail. Dinner was started about 6:30 with last of our group coming down about 7:30pm. World Series, games, conversation, Dust to Glory and more provided intertainment for all till the wee hours of the morning.

Sunday up and at them. Breakfast having been had it has time to say goodbyes and head back to home. Lost of talk about the new friends that we met and time shared with old friends filled the miles on the way home.

Looking forward to more great times with club and meeting new friends.

Darell & Kathy Kroeker