May Safety Clinic Trip report

I arrived at Camp Area 5 on Friday night and parked next to Tom. V andJim. O.  After Tom and I set up, we met up with CJ and Ellen and we
headed out for a meal over at Grillin' and Chillin'.  I have to say
that it that is a great place to eat.  Good beer and the burgers
rocked.  We headed back and hung out for a bit and turned in.  I slept
in my LJ and I found out that when you're parked at a down hill angle,
your sleeping back tends to slide on the carpet and then one winds up

Next morning started really good, with some coffee and some good eats
and I was pretty surprised how many students were driving in.  After a
while it warmed up and was turning into a really nice/toasty day.  I
made my way down to the Stair Steps and helped out with Brian, Lorrie,
and Greg.  Other than the big hole at the top of the obstacle filled
with water, there were no issues, even CJ made it look easy with a
messed up ankle. It's really cool to see a big smile on the students
face as they make it up.
All in all, good time