Clinic Pre-run

I will ad some to Darrell's trip report. CJ, Cody and myself and Irene stayed at Hollister after the others headed home. We wanted to do some more wheelin and see how the trails were. We hit a few that were muddy, then some that were perfect. The traction was amazing just after the rain stopped. I tried Truck Hill early in the day, but didn't make it. Later in the day, I saw that some had done it and tried it again. The traction there was excellent and to the the top we went. Somewhere on one of the trails, I lost Cody and CJ. Irene and I headed up to the Lookout, as that's what we had decided to all do. When we got up there, CJ and Cody weren't there, so I lost them by mistake. Sorry guys. I did promote the clinic to a few of the NorCal JK forum members. There were about 15 JK's up there at the time.

We decided to head back down and got to the entrance and CJ was airing up. We talked about how we got separated and everything was good. We had a few laughs and headed our separate ways. As Irene and I headed out through Hollister, I stopped at the car wash to get the mud off the Jeep. I feel sorry for the next guy that had to use that car wash stall, LOL. All in all, a fun day. Thanks darrell for setting this up, Ron & Irene