Hollister Hills Roadside Clean up - April 2011

Thank you to everyone who stepped up to join us for the roadside clean up at Hollister Hills this weekend. It was a glorious weekend and we had a strong turn out.

The HHORA meeting went until just before noon and when it let out, the ED4 crew had gathered. There was a slight mix-up with the park staff in that they had apparently just cleaned the roadside the day before. So we reduced the number of road side crew and send ten of the 16 folks into the upper ranch to do some trail clean-up. Josh, Greg, Mike, Tom, Ole and myself attacked the road. Even with them just having cleaned the roadside we still collected 5-6 bags of trash.

BTW, in my estimation the number one item picked up was beer cans/bottles with the second category of fast food wrappers.

After 2 hours we met up back at the HHORA training building and piled up our junk. Great photo opp for the crew. We had bags of garbage, tires, signs and other crap. We ended the day with a legislative update from Jeff on Clear Creek and the offroad trust fund situation.

I appreciate that ED4 stepped up to help out with this clean up. It was great to see such an out pouring of support both from new members and old timers. Multiple drivers shouted out their thanks as they drove past. With all of the battles around offroad access it is important that the offroad community put their best foot forward. Opportunities like this clean-up day help keep us in good standing with the local community.

Thank you to everyone who came out.


David Grubman, Trail Boss Brian McMinn Rick Montez Greg Quintana Joshua Farnsworth Daryl Nelson Micheal Sickels Brian Ryder Connie Wison Tom Vella Ellen Layendecker John Ruiz Michael Cline Loro Paterson Richard Beard Howard Knutson Ole Stortroen Jason Green Jim O’Leary