Hollister Hills Tree Planting

Patty Forbes (Park Representative) had started about 100 native Oak trees from acorns and needed help planting them. Esprit De Four came her assistance. We met at Hollister Hills SVRA Headquarters early December 6, 2003. Sherry, Ole, Steve B., John, Darrell, Phil, Jim H., among others and I spent most of the day completing job. I’m sorry for not remembering everyone. Ashley and Brittany (Steve and John’s daughters) also helped enthusiastically. Although the work was hard I felt satisfied when done that we had helped Patty and the park. Perhaps someday ED4 will get to use some of the Park on that side of the road. I am writing this about 6 months after we planted the trees. I am inspired to do so because Ole had told me last weekend at the Clinic that about 90 of the 95 trees we planted are still alive.