Since my Jeep is down I was a passenger with Ellen - thanks Ellen. We started out at the obstacle course and had some good stucks, giving the oppertunity to try out Jim’s various devices to replace using rocks. On the way to the ravine we checked out the new obstacle course which provided a stuck giving the oppertunity to test out a new winch. Arrived at the ravine and played a little bit and then had lunch.

Proceeded on to the quarry and played for awhile until news came over the radio that Jim had dropped a drive line. Turned out to be the rear drive line which was removed and some of us decided it was a good time to call it a day and made sure Jim made it out running on just the front drive line.

Being that many times you would not want to try harder lines for fear of getting stuck and holding the run up, the idea of having a day where the whole intent was to try harder lines and get stuck - and trying devices other than stacking rocks - was excellent and I really hope there is a repeat of the this event.

Here are a few photos: