Safety Clinic

 I arrived a little after 7am on Saturday. It was a little chilly but warmed up to the mid 70s, I don’t think it could be much better. A little less dust would have been nice. Lots of members were there including: Steve Bartoloei, Tino Campos, Bill Farley, Joe Farley, Dede George, Mike George, Amy Granat, Jason Green, Jim Hodges, Darell Kroeker, Kathy Kroeker, Ellen Layendecker, Dirk Martin, Mike Phorn, John Skier, Jon Skier, Sherry Stortroen, Ole Stortroen, Ira Weiny, Lorrie Weiny, Jim O’Leary, Monica O’Leary and others I can’t remember right now.

The instruction was excellent the trails were not challenging but were fun. Getting to ride in Toby’s Rock Crawler was great. The dinner was very good too. I wanted to stay Sunday but also wanted to see my daughter play Basketball (her team won), so I left just after the Penzgouers (however you spell it) arrived.

Thanks For The Good Time