Molina Ghost Run

Saturday morning Joe S., Amy, Denny and I got in line for the first group out. The run started off slow. The first delay was when I realized that my truck didn’t have 4 wheel drive. The vacuum line to the front axle came off. This delay allowed Denny to catch up since he stopped to air down. For the next 1/2 hour we drove 4 minutes waited 6. Drove 4 waited 6. During one of the waiting periods I noticed my truck overheating. I pulled out of the way to let it cool down and check it. It was then I notice some one broken down on the long up hill section. We that person was cleared another person broke on the hill. The hour of wait allowed my truck to cool down. We then went another 100 yards and stopped. Yes some else and broken on the hill. Once he was towed off the hill the rest of us went up with out any problems. I was still having over heating problems so we stopped at the mud pit and I swapped over flow bottles. The traffic had spread out by know so it was a fast going down the back side of the hill. Once at the bottom I stayed to the easy rote due to the overheating problems and Denny and Joe continued with the small group through the very hard sections.

While there were no major problems in our small group other people did have theirs. Friday afternoon someone was out playing and rolled 6 times. The person was air lifted out.I heard that he was back the nest day. Toward the end of the day we came upon a Scout that was just put back onto its wheels. He had caught a ditch one side and did a easy roll over. Everyone was fine and after a little work he was on his way. After we got back to camp we heard another scout had rolled on Goat mountain. The worst part was nobody had seat belts on. No major injuries but a lot of bruises. The last roll over came on the RTI ramp.

That is about it for the Molina Trip. I would like to give a big thanks to the West Side 4 wheel club from Coalinga. They were the trail leaders in our group. One of their members stayed with me the whole time with my over heat problems. They even took Denny and Joe on one of the hardest climbs out at Clear creek.