Adopt a trail

Club members and Guests: I wish to extend a “Thank you” to all of the volunteers and guests who took this past weekend to help open the Mattley Loop trail for the season. Our volunteer group consisted of 17 adults and 4 children; as follows:* Jason Green * David Grubman * Brian McMinn * Rich Taylor * Dennis Tralake * Kelly Swanson * Chuck Rippen * Jim O’Leary * Bob Atchison * Darell Kroeker * John & Hope Ruiz and their children Brittany, Shane and Brenna * Loro Paterson * Ellen Layendecker * Tom Vella and his nephew Daniel Vella * Jim Hodges * Sherry Stortroen (If I have spelled anyones name incorrectly, I apologize. Please let me know the correct spelling for club and forest service records.)

The day started out by meeting up with the people that were camping at Horse Gulch for the weekend. We quickly grouped up, and headed to the trail head by 9:00 or so. We air downed the vehicles and headed up the trail. At the split, our group divided into two groups. In past years this split in the trail work consisted of “downed trees” to the left, and “snow” shoveling to the right. Darell lead the group up the “tree” side, and Ellen lead the “snow” side of the trail. Thank you Darell and Ellen for leading, I really do appreciate your help.

At our lunch stop, we meet up with our forest service contact Roy Morris. The group had the opportunity to meet and talk with Roy. We discussed possible changes in trail signs, signs at intersections of the trail; and map corrections. Roy mentioned that our group had helped set a record for the forest service, in having all the adopt-a-trails open by this time of year.

I don’t believe I have ever seen the trail so dry, which made for lots, and lots of dust. I saw absolutely no snow. So no snow shoveling. There were only 5 or so fallen trees across the “snow” side of the trail, and very few fallen trees on the other split of the trail. This was the easiest trail opening that I can remember. Good job all, Thank you very much for your help. Sincerely, Sherry Stortroen