Sierra Trek

My Sierra Trek was a little different than years past, but it was a good kind of different. I met up with Jason Green and a friend of Jason’s by the name of Tom, don’t know his last name, at Cisco Grove @ 9 a.m. on Wednesday, August 4th. By 9:20 a.m. we were 4-wheeling on the Fordyce Creek Trail.

What a trail, and I thought the water crossings were going to be a problem…wrongo…we encountered rocks, big rocks, bigger rocks, and more rocks. I really don’t think I have ever seen the trail so torn up. And except for a trail-weld job that Tom offered to a 4-wheeler we meet on the trail, who had broker a steering mount bracket, we kept moving (wheeling).

When we got to Winch Hill One - we all stopped, got out of our vehicles to access the hill. Tom was the lead, and the first to attempt Winch Hill One. Somehow, Tom dislodged a very large rock, and the rock rolled onto Tom’s Bronco, doing damage to the passenger side rear. After the rock fell off Tom’s Bronco, and onto the trail, we all got out of our vehicles to decide how to drive around this very large rock. Jason & Tom decided to winch the fallen rock off the trail, along with some grooming to make this hill passable. The hill was a mess, but with lots of help, winching and rock tossing all 3-of us made it up Winch Hill One. (only 4 more Winch Hills to go.)

What a trail, it took us 11 hours to make it to Meadow Lakes. All weekend we heard that Winch Hill One had been closed, and being by-passed.

I wish to end this report by “Thanking” Jason Green and Tom, for all of their help in getting me and my Jeep through the Fordyce Creek Trail. Sherry Stortroen