ED4 Trip Report Rubicon Trail Carol and I would like to thank everyone for the great time this weekend. We really enjoyed our first trip to the ‘Con.

Since we both had to work on Friday, we decided not to leave the valley until later in the evening after the traffic died down. Unfortunately, this put our arrival time at the campsite to late thirty – Sorry folks!

After a great evening under the stars, I found that the Icehouse campground offered a Starbucks delivery service al a Mike & Renosa – Thanks guys! Charged up on Mocha we took our place in the line of rigs and headed towards the Loon Lake entrance of the Rubicon trail.

Right before reaching the trail head I had an emergency come up that threatened to cancel the trip for us. Fortunately, I was able to resolve everything by the time we got back to the campsite so we decided to turn around and try our luck at catching up with the group.

We eventually arrived at the staging area and found out right away that this trail would be interesting. The first challenge was trying to find the beginning of the trail. Hint – It’s on the other side of the makeshift Heli – Port.

After finding the trail entrance and working our way through the large boulders strewn about in the beginning of the trail, we found ourselves in a large open granite area that had relatively few rocks. Right as I was starting to think great, a chance to relax a little, I popped the bead on my front passenger tire while coming off a ledge, Doh! Fortunately I was with ED4 on a previous trip when Jim H had blown the bead on his tire so I was able to use the lesson learned from that trip to reseat my bead using my CO2 tank. In fact it was that experience with Jim’s tire that inspired me to purchase the tank.

Fortunately, we didn’t run into any other vehicle issues as we continued our quest to catch up with the group. We eventually caught up to everyone where they stopped for lunch at the base of the Little Sluice. After exploring the area, the group turned around and headed back the way we came in.

For me the trip out was much more difficult then the trip in. There were a few spots where I got hung up and needed some spotting – Thanks Darrel & David.

I also want to thank John for putting this run together as I’ve wanted to run this trail for a while now. Now that I have a taste for it, I can’t wait to head back and run it all the way through.

The staging area ricky01.JPG

Near the exit ricky02.JPG

The End ricky04.JPG

IceHouse reservoir – Camp Site ricky03.JPG