Clinic Pre-Run

Kathy and I went to Hollister Hills Clinic pre-run and had a great time of camping, eating and good friends by the Campfire. We arrived at 7:45 up at the Obticle course to find a bachler party well into the formitive procedure of setting up their area. Like the whole top area. We dicided to go and check out Sycamore camp area. There was no one there. All new bathroom and showers are now in place there. Seemed like a great place to set up camp and it has shade also. Lorrie and Ira arrived shortly after, along with Jim H., Joe and Amy. Morning came around 7:30 and off to Holister for hay fever medicine. Ah what relief! Others started arriving for the clinic pre-run and we all finally got together at Sycamore to discuss what we needed to do for the upcoming clinic. we talked about the parking procedure that we are going to impliment this year. This should help to make sure vehicles are not lined up all the way out the gate onto the road. The amount of signed up workers were also looked at and how best to spread them out with the working positions needed. We are so thankfull for perspective members willing to take part in working the clinic. This is GREAT!!! It always seems like we are battling either too few students or too few workers, but the club and students always show up for a great time of learning and working together. After lunch on saturday a lot of us went out to far reaching areas of the park to test out the controll central communication for the clinic. We only found a couple of areas that were a little hard to reach with the CB’s. Through relays from only one other person all areas were covered. A good potluck was enjoyed on Saturday evening, along with a great campfire time. Up Sunday morning for clean-up, which started about 10:00 and lasted till around 1:30. We all said our good-bys and headed home.

There was a group of VW camper type vehicles there for the weekend in area 5. Yes, I said VW’s. Most of them were all wheel drive units. It was a site to see them all at the O course going up stairsteps. Later on in the day, sunday, as we were at the base of truck hill, we had some more amazement. A H2 Hummer was in the mud at the base of truck hill stuck. Jim H. was kind enough to winch him out. This guy earned a cow bell for sure. He said that the other end of the Hummer wasn’t muddy yet and went back in where he had been stuck. this time he was really stuck. What an $%%^% person. We all said only one recue per person in the same place. He sat there for a good 45 minutes untill we left with him still stuck. we did offer to call a tow truck though. This H2 did not even have license plates on it, but it did have mud all over and in it. I guess he may of gotten the idea that H2’s don;t really go everywhere. The next thing that happened was a VW with stock street type tires headed up truck hill. And he made it!!! Wow what a site to see him head up there and make it.

Thanks to each and everyone that made it out to Hollister and the good times we had.

Darell & Kathy Kroeker