Hello to the few that did not get a chance to join us. Kathy and I left San Jose around 10:30am on Thursday morning and headed North. We had a nice drive with not to much traffic at that time. Stopping several times for this and that along the way, we finally arrived at Bear River Resort around 4:00pm. Selected our campsite and got set up. What a nice place this is even with the lake being very low and getting ready for the winter. Mike and Dede arrived, we fixed some dinner and made room in our wine cabinet for the next day. Friday morning others started showing up and setting up their camps. The wine group, of only four of us headed out Omo Ranch Rd to find some wineries. Success!!!! We took some back road that I recognezed the name of at the last minute. I am sure that Mike and Dede thought that we might be lost. Within about 6 miles, our first winery was in sight. We spent some time at Oakstone Winery along with also spending some money. Great wines as always. Next to Flur de Lay Winery. We were met by Frederick the very old Dashound, and two very large bins of cabernet grapes in the small tasting room. Purchased several bottles and on to the next winery. We arrived at Windwalker and had a nice picnic lunch before our next tasting experience. Windwalker is noted for their great Barbera and Zinfendel wines. Darn the Barbera was already sold out. Forced to buy something else and on to our last stop of the day, Latcham Winery. Samples of wine and of course their well known delicious brownies, we headed back to Bear. Knowing that the gas was $5.00 a gallon at Bear, we stopped and topped off at Cook’s Station for $4.89 a gallon, what a deal. We arrived back in camp to meet with all of the new arrivals. Dinner was put together by Dede and Kathy with Loro and Tom being invited to dine with us. Camp fire was enjoyed at Brian’s family site. Early to bed for me to be ready for the trail. I knew that I would have my work cut out to manage the trail. I brought my 68 Bronco that is a little light on power, no power steering, and very little clearance. Scrapes scrapes and more scrapes were the sound of the day for me. We came upon an area that was labeled rock garden on the map, where several of had some problems, but other did not. This was not the rock garden that was to be at the end of the trail. Kathy decided to take Tinker for a little walk up the trail and would wait for us to catch up. Once we cleared everyone from the rocks, we were back in our rigs. Kathy was back. Kathy and Tinker were about a 1/4 mile up the road, when suddenly Tinker stopped, stood on her back legs and sniffed the air. Kathy was wondering what was up. As she looked into the meadow, about 150 yards away was a cub and mother bear. What a highlight for Kathy, you know she loves bears. To the top of the trail, lunch and a decision was made to head back to camp instead of trying the real rock garden. Arrived back in camp about 3:30pm and did a little tasting from our Friday trail run. Conversation by the fire again and off to a very good steak and shrimp dinner. More conversation and warmth for the inner and outer of the body, and a good night sleep. As with all outings, the last day does come way to soon. I safe trip back home and a great time remembered.

A special thanks to Brian for finding this area, Alan for bringing the fire wood, for all of the family of ED4 and those special guests that joined us on this trip. As always a very enjoyable time and may our friendships grow. Darell