Deer Valley - Blue Lakes

Linda and I had a great time on our second Blue Lakes Run, mostly because of excellent people we are privileged to be associated with as members of Esprit De Four. The Tamarack Lodge is a nice place and accommodates our group well. The weather was perfect for the main run but unfortunately turned to rain and spoiled the Slick Rock run for Sunday. Linda is already talking as if we are going next year.

Thanks Ira and Lorrie for the Casino games after dinner. Expect me to forget most of what I learned over the next year. Thanks Jason, Kathy, Jim, and Ellen for the libation. I think several people enjoyed Linda’s cookies also.

I hope Ellen’s Jeep is OK now.

Linda and I got some nice photos, especially one of Doug nearly tipping over. I will give Mike Phorn a disk so he can get them on the WEB.

Thanks To Everyone Involved