Dusy Run '09 Cont'd

Sitting here fishing w/ Tom and his brother Jim and nephew Dan on Huntington lake. 32 catch and release trout so far. The weather is great, the trail was awesome, and the camaraderie is priceless! The Dusy is a great trail. Not too hard, but definitely a black diamond trail. It is similar to Blue Lakes trail w/ a long winch hill just before Thompson Lake and some very challenging rock gardens throughout the trail. 35" tires and a least one locker is a must. 33 miles long, your rig will take a beating!! Besides Dave's unfortunate situation, we had a few cool trail repairs: Tad - transfer case bolt, and driveline U joint. Darell - transfer case shifter tie down to keep it from poping out of gear. Tom - transmission mount bolts backing out. Welded a new bracket on. Jason - broken fan blades due to a rubber shroud coming lose and falling into the fan blades. Ed and Patrick - no mechanical issues.

The Dusy is the most scenic trail I have been on!! We had a great 3 days on the trail.

More to follow when I sit down in front of my computer.