Summer Campout

The campout out this year was small but fun. 16 People made it to there. John Ruiz and kids John Skier and his wife Ellen Loro Darrell and Kathy Mike and Dee Dee Tom Brian and wife from Salinas Brian and his friend from Arnold

The first run was the Pine something trail. This is a 3 mile trail the runs next to the river. 6 vehicles went on this. Ellen was having clutch problems and 2/3 of the Bronco owners in the club wanted to fish instead of 4 wheeling. So it was an all Jeep run with 1 token Bronco.

The run was not too hard. There were a couple tricky spots that were fun. The trail is right next to the river so at a couple spots you come close to a 50′ drop off. Nothing real bad but you do need to pay attention. The trail end at a large flat spot under the tree. It is a great camping spot.

The second run was up into the hills to see what was there. We made a left at the Y were the pavement ends. It was a 2 wheel drive dirt road but we must of climb 2000′ feet in 6 miles. We proceeded to find lots of dead ends before we came to a nice over look. You could see Bear Valley from the hill top. After finding one more dead end we decided to head back to camp.

Going back to camp 3 of us decided to go to the Old Boards Crossing bridge. It is maybe 3 miles down stream from the campground but we had to go 4 miles up a mountain then take a dirt wagon trail 3 miles back down. Old boards crossing is a nice spot. There is an old wooden bridge you can drive across, it also had a couple rope swings hanging from it. There were a few houses there and a nice swimming hole. Saw a sign for pubic camping there also.