Adopt a trail

How many friends of ED4 does it take to screw in a light bulb?Trip report: June 22, 2007 GÇô Adopt a trail

That one I cannot answer for you, but I can tell you that it took 20 friends of ED4 to open their Adopt-a-trail this year. The story for many started early in the week. Many members and friends arrived in the area mid week. The remaining members rolled into camp Friday (some late Friday), and early Saturday morning. Conditions were fantastic. Trails were rather dry, with night time temperatures in the low 40s and day time temps in the 70s.


Once gathered at the camp site, we rolled over to the trailhead. There were 20 folks in 13 rigs. We started down the trail to the first split. We split up the chain saws and the rigs to send two chain saws with six rigs down the snow path, and two chain saws with seven vehicles the other way.

The crew on the snow path encountered no snow, but did clear four obstacles. Chain saws were run and trees were cleared. The other crew encountered on obstacle that apparently challenged them Not being with that group, I am not sure what challenged them so much. With all the horse power, brain power and muscle power, I would think that no obstacle would be too great.


After the groups reconvened our lunch was joined by ranger Roy. Nice guy. He really seemed to go out of his way to talk to us about his plans and the general state of affairs with the trails in the area. He set us straight on some recent land issues. Another testament to ED4 was the respect the ranger showed toward the group.


The talks with the ranger were a little much for some people:


After lunch we assembled all the vehicles and took some mild trails on the way back to the camp site. Where Ed was waiting for us.

Thanks to Jim for GÇ£leaving the light onGÇ¥ for the folks rolling into camp late. Thanks to Brian for offering a right seat. Thanks for letting a non member join in the fun.


Beautiful area. Great to see everyone again. Next time I am bringing my Jeep.

Respectfully submitted.

- david grubman