Safety Clinic

My wife and I left our house with our 5th wheel around 11:30 and we arrived at our campgrounds around 1. My wife and I was on the way into the campgrounds and just under a tree when we were coming in was a bobcat that sat down and then laid down under that tree as we passed him the bobcat was about 5 to 10 yards away from us so we took his picture them we went on to the campsite and set up. We had our dinner and waited for her nephew Jared Rose to drive up in my Jeep JK. Him and his girlfriend got there about 9 pm. Sometime after we all went to bed. Saturday we got up at 6:30 am so we could eat breakfast and then get ready to get to the clinic. We got to the clinic and found out that they did not get our reservation so we had to fill out the paper work so that we would be able to participate. We were assigned to the yellow group with Jason as the lead and Connie was in the middle and Dennis was the gunner. The first part was the blue trail and we were the ones right behind Jason so when we came up on the different obstacles we were the first one to try. And we did try them all. The one that we really enjoyed was the one where you straddle the ravine and see if you could make it. Jared was driving and we got the front left wheel about 2 feet off the ground and we kept going and got through and after everyone else went trough I decided to drive it again and I think I made it better than my nephew but we think when he went through the guides were trying to decide how to direct us and when I went through they all knew the best way to take me through. Got a few scratches on the fenders and running board but that is nothing as I mentioned to some of the others it a Jeep and that is what I expected to happen.

After the end we went and turned in the radio and also to check out. We were not able to stay for dinner because my wife and Jared’s girlfriend was waiting for us at our campsite. When I got back and started to relax I could not believe how tired I was so I went to bed early that night.

Sunday morning we had breakfast and packed up our 5th wheel and went home.

Jared and I had a great time participating in the Safety Clinic.

Bob Bragg