Toys 4 Tots

Wow for the first run my wife and I really enjoyed the turnout for the toys for tots run. First we met Daryl at Flames for breakfast then we went over to Big Lots for the toy run. There was around 15 rigs that showed up for the run and it was great meeting everyone for the first time. We started out on Hillsdale to Meridian then we took Meridian to San Carlos and when we went by 4 Wheel Parts store everyone honked there horns. When we arrived at Christmas in the park we did a one time around the park then when we went in to the area to turn the toys over to the Marines soldiers that were there to take the gifts and they gave us a christmas cd and a flower to the women that were in rigs. After that the ones that had other things to do went on there way and some of others went over to the bowling ally. I really enjoyed the run and I'm already looking forward to the next outting that I will be able to attend.

Bob Bragg