Hi All, Just wanted to send out give out a big "Thank you" for all the voluneers who worked on the Adopt-a-trails for both the Mattley Loop Ridge and Corral Hollow trails. Just this Saturday, June 27, Ellen lead the group of us to open or finish opening the Mattley Loop Trail. Jason and his group did a great job the prior weekend. Thanks Jason for the great e-mail.

For this past Saturday, the list of volunteers is as follows:

* Ellen Layendecker,

* C. J. Arnesen and him mom, Valarie Arnesen,

* Loro Paterson,

* Dennis Holler & Ava Moore,

* Carlos Fuchen and his family.

* Connie Wilson,

* Susanna Dergee, and

* myself (Sherry)

Ellen lead our group of 13 volunteers. 7 vehicles. Thank you Ellen. Valerie pass around some delicious bread, that we all enjoyed prior to us leaving for the trail. Our work day on Saturday was pretty much uneventful, the group did work on a slight re-route of a section of the trail, back to the original trail. We did pick up lots of trash/shooting stuff. Same place as last year's trash pick up, but less...So I think we are making an impact. Good job all. Thanks for your help. Sincerely, Sherry Stortroen

Run Report for June 18, 2009, Corral Hollow Trail

Jason Green lead the group of 9 volunteers, as follows:

* Tom Vella,

* Ed Lorenzen,

* Ole Stortroen and myself,

* Mike Phorn,

* Ron Gustafson,

* Jim O'Leary and

* Chris Means.

This year on the Corral Hollow Trail offered up lots, I mean lots of snow. We did encounter 3 downed trees, one really large one, that had fallen against itself, accross the trail and empaled another tree on the opposite side of the trail. It was something to see. This downed tree offered our chainsaw guys (Jason & Ole) a slight challenge, but with the help of their chainsaws, lots of winching, the downed tree didn't have a chance.

Jason, Jim, Tom & Jim Vella, Mike P., Chris and Ron did run the Mattley Loop Ridge trail, or most of the trail on June 18. Thanks a bunch for all that tree clearing.

If I have missed someone, please let me know. Again, Thanks Much for your help. Sincerely, Sherry Stortroen