Moonlight Madness

If you want real bang for your BUCK moonlight madness offers it. There are two runs. A day run that starts at 9:00 AM and ends at about 4:00 PM. Enough time for you to get the steak dinner. BTW: the steak dinner was great. The night Run starts at 7:00.

For those of you with younger kids they had a full program with clowns, balloons, GǪ..

The runs were fun. The Day run heads out toward swamp lake. The night run does bald mountain. As reported the views were wonderful. The challenges good with bypasses that allow all but the Subaru station wagon driven by a monkey to make it with guidance. They have good rules and winches on the hard spots making sure things donGÇÖt clog up too badly.

I was at the back of the pack and enjoyed watching the lights of the other vehicles moving like a very long line of ants. Combine this with the views of the night sky and the views of Fresno and you have one of the best places for a romantic drive you could ever hope for.

The run while well attended allowed lots of space.

The trail is very well marked and help was available at every tough spot.

The raffle had too many great prizes. 5.5HP air compressor, 3 Pressure washers, T Shirts, Event Gift Certificates, Massage package, Bath products basket, nail care package (Yep, they had a number of things for the ladies), as well as the normal set of high lift Jacks, tow straps and other goodies.

BOTTOMLINE: If you cannot find something great at this event your needs areGǪ. LetGÇÖs just say past extreme.