Barett Lake

9 Rigs - 2 CJ5’s, 3 CJ’s, 2 Toyota Trucks, 1 Bronco, 1 Cherokee 14 People - Jason Green (Trail Boss), Chuck Rippen, Mike (Chuck’s friend), Eric Nicholes, Phil (Eric’s friend), John Allen, Greg (John’s friend), Jim O’Leary, Tex (Jim’s brother-in-law), Ron (Jim’s friend), Tom Vella, Darell, Kathy, and Ed Lorenzen

Jim, Chuck, Tex, Ron and I arrived at Wrights Lake campground at 9:30pm on Thursday evening. Friday morning, we toured the campground and saved a few spots for the others arriving later that day. Jim, Chuck, and I unfolded the Pote-A-Bote and launched it at Wrights Lake for a little fishing. The lake is fairly shallow and fishing was not very good and the temperature was +/- 40 degrees. The Bloody Mary’s kept us warm though. A few snow flakes began to fall and we decided to call it a day. By that time, Darell, Kathy, Ed, and Tom had arrived. We fixed dinner and hung out around the camp fire till 9pm because it was cold.

Saturday morning rolled around and we had a 7:30am trail head leave time to make. The weather was much better. Clear skies and warmer temps. Everyone was up and ready to go. I told everyone to circle around to my campsite, which was on the way out if you were going the correct direction. All but Chuck and Jim made there way to my campsite, so I proceeded out of the campground and waited on the main road. They caught up and I made a right heading toward Barrett Lake trail head. Everyone followed except for Jim, who made a left and headed back toward Hwy 50. We sent Chuck back to wait for him, while the rest of us met John and Greg at the trail head at 7:40am. 38 minutes later (but who’s counting?) Jim followed Chuck to the trail head to meet up with the rest of us. We met a few vehicles on the trail but, most of them moved off to the side for us. Chuck had a minor repair in the rock garden at he half way point of the trail. His front sway bar was in the way and needed a few more straps to hold it up out of the way.

Everyone made it to Barrett Lake with little trouble at 1pm. The lunch buffet opened and everyone chowed down and discussed the mornings events. Phil advised Jim to check his motor mounts to see if they were loose because the fan was hitting the fan shroud during extreme articulation. Sure enough, one side was missing a couple of bolts. Greg had the bolts that he needed and Phil, Eric, and Jim managed to get all but one of them in and tight. Good enough to make it back to camp.

We left the lake at 2:45pm and headed back down the trail. The Barrett Lake trail is unique because it is one way in and one way out via the same trail. So, you get to experience the full test of the trail. An obstacle that was difficult going in is a lot easier heading back to the pavement and vice versa.

Everyone made it out of the trail sometime around 6:30pm. No equipment issues on the way out. No one needed a tow strap all day. There was some rock stacking and a push here and there, but that is par for the course.

Later that evening, everyone ate dinner by the campfire and reminisced on the highlights of the trip. The fire was put out sometime around 11:30pm. Yes, we had our bucket of water and a shovel near by like responsible campers.

A good time was had by all, no major vehicle issues, and great camaraderie between friends. What more could you ask for??????

Thanks to everyone who participated!!